Rahul Khurana M.D.
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Compassionate & Patient Centered Care

I am providing mobile & outpatient psychiatric consultation & treatment all over the Seattle metro area.  While main focus is on geriatric patients with dementia or cognitive loss, I am also now accepting some adult patients.

If indicated (e.g. for some patients with dementia in residential facilities), I meet with patients, families and staff to provide a comprehensive evaluation including diagnosis and treatment plan.  All care is coordinated with the patient's primary care physician.



Treatment Philosophy

I believe all patients are unique and have their own wonderful life story to share.  They need and deserve an individualized treatment plan.  My emphasis is holistic, eclectic and modern care with a creative brainstorming approach.
Specific approaches include the following:
--family therapy
--behavior therapy
--preventive care
--mind body medicine (including promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle comprised of stress management, exercise, nutrition, and various forms of formal relaxation therapy like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, yoga and tai chi).




1) Geriatric psychiatry focusing on dementia & cognitive disorders

2) House calls (including to long term care facilities) 

3) Pharmacogenomic testing (www.genesight.com)

4) DSHS - Social Security Disability Evaluations (must be scheduled directly through DSHS)

5) I currently accepting some adult patients but not for suboxone therapy (feel free to check back later)



Pet Therapy

B.B., my wonderful golden retriever, is a certified therapy dog though the Pet Partners Program. She accompanies me on all visits.
Of course, if the patient has any allergies or fears of dogs, she's more than happy to take a quick break!  Please let me know ahead of time if you prefer she not join.  


Fees & Insurance

I am no longer billing or accepting any health insurance. I will be glad to provide receipts for you to collect reimbursement from your insurance. For geriatric patients, my rate is $300/hour. For adult patients, my rate is $250/hour. This is for all clinical & travel time, which includes phone calls, emails & time for paper work.  I will do my best to comp any minor time spent (e.g. you send an email to me to reschedule an appointment).  I offer sliding scale rates for those who cannot afford afford the full fee.   I always have some pro bono patients, but no room at present. Fee free to check back later.