Rahul Khurana M.D.
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Referral Process


I want the referral process to be as smooth & easy as possible.  The main thing to do is call me & set up an appointment (no referrals from primary care physicians needed). Please have Main Consent Forms filled out before first appointment.  Referral Process

Here is important information to review before our first appointment.  

Geriatric House Calls

Geriatric Office Visits

Adult Office Visits

Genesight Office Visits

Please try to fill out the consent forms prior to seeing me.  The main ones are all in this link (if you think you definitely want the genetic testing done, please also sign that form below):  Main Consent Forms 

The Electronic Mail Consent Form page is optional (but mandatory if you definitely want to use email to community together, & highly recommended for geriatric patients living in care facilities as it allows for the most efficient communication between families, myself, other physicians & care facility staff).  Electronic Mail Consent Form

I am required to disclose to you HIPPA privacy rules.  This is the full disclosure, but the signature page is included in "Main Consent Forms" above. HIPPA  Practices

I am very excited to be utilizing pharmacogenomic testing which is quite new to psychiatry.  This does not need to filled out ahead of time, as I don't always order this test for every patient. See www.genesight.com for more information, or contact me and I can also tell you more.   Genesight Consent Form

Office address is listed below. There is street parking and an attached garage (which you can access via Marion Street just south of Boren Ave).  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT EVEN IF THERE IS A SIGN SAYING LOT FULL, THIS DOES NOT APPY TO PATIENTS. YOU MAY STILL PARK HERE. On a busy day, you may need to circle the garage a bit until someone leaves.  Please have a seat in the waiting room. You do not need to knock on the inside door as there is a doorbell alerting me that you have arrived.